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Azure Models International was established in 1999, as a mother agency for Brazilian models, who wanted to receive international management and placement.

Azure is partnered with globally recognized agencies that represent the highest level of model management. As more models joined the team, Azure provided management to models from the neighboring countries such as Argentina and Chile.

Soon the base of the agency also included models from other Brazilian agencies - partners who found trust in Azure for management of their models and their international placement.

Azure Models is continuously involved in scouting new faces from all over the world and committed to the development of their modeling careers, from the first steps in the business to following their professional growth in the best selected international modeling agencies on all fashion markets.

For an aspiring model, being approached by Azure Models means being seen and considered by one of the top and most   reputable agents in the world - recognized and professionally developed – in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere of a mother management organization.

Our agency prides itself on being there for its models at all times. We are not simply here to provide a link to clients. We recognize that many of our models are young and inexperienced and require teaching and support throughout their career. We provide a career planning service for all of our models, together with advice about their finances, individual strengths and weaknesses, and health & safety advice about going on bookings.

This is all provided by the personal experience of our team – not theory – so as a model on our books, you will receive the benefit of first-hand knowledge. You only get one chance in this industry – MAKE IT COUNT.

We plan each person's career for the long term, always taking his or her strengths and personalcircumstances into account.

This, we believe, will maximize their potential, their job satisfaction, and the opportunities available to them.

Azure Models International is an international scouting and worldwide model placement company.

Azure Models offers a personal management to its models and provides the right placement with the World’s Top Agencies.


                                                                                                                                                                   Director - Debora Vieira